Hailed in the 2010 Philippines Yearbook: The All New Power 88 as the hottest multi-level marketing firm of today’s generation, FRONTROW Enterprise Philippines, Inc.

(FRONTROW) is a dynamic and rapidly expanding direct selling company in the health, beauty, and wellness industry in the Philippines today. It is a 100 percent Filipino owned corporation spearheaded by two of the most-promising new-breeds of entrepreneurs, Raymond ‘RS’ Francisco and Samuel Verzosa. As new blood of businessmen, they introduced a new formula for success in the multi-level marketing industry in order to build a more forward-driven company that is FRONTROW.

Since the boom of the vanity industry earlier this decade, more and more Filipinos, both men and women are opening their options to beauty enhancements and treatments making it a very lucrative playground for radical capitalists. Amidst the current global recession, many individuals are turning into new options without leaving their current employment. Individuals who want to try their hand in business are venturing into direct-selling as a start of their voyage as entrepreneurs utilizing their current network of contacts both in their community and the worldwide web. With these trends, FRONTROW has positioned itself in the forefront and is emerging as the new face of multi-level marketing industry. As a young company, FRONTROW has already received recognition in the business sector because of its competency and increasing membership of more than 5000 members all over the Philippines. The combination of beauty, health, and wealth is the company’s formula in building an empire consisting of young entrepreneurs. Empowered with potentials of self-growth and company’s future expansion, FRONTROW’s members are open to transformation and are committed to achieve financial freedom and success by nurturing a positive attitude and enhanced self-image

For three consecutive years, last August 9 & 10, 2019, Frontrow again was hailed as the Best Global Company of the Year 2019 by the Asean Networkers Convention and Expo (ANCE).

Welcome to a world brimming with radiance, beauty and vitality. All these are now within your reach through FRONTROW’s line of LUXXE health and beauty products. Manufactured and bottled in the United States by AIE Pharmaceuticals, our variety of FDA approved and HALAL tested oral supplements were made in strict compliance with the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP), Current Good Manufacturing Process (cGMP) and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) regulations. AIE Pharmaceuticals (our manufacturer) is FDA registered, licensed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and is staffed with advanced medical professionals… ensuring products that you can 100% trust!

The Luxxe White Rveal skin care products are 100% from Korea. As we all know Korean skincare formula.are well known  compliance with then  Korean Whitening standards and has SPF to protect skin from UV rays.

The Celebrity Beauty soaps are made by Filipino chemists to suit Asian skin and each type is a favorite for everyone.

AIE Pharmaceutical is the manufacturer of Luxxe food supplement products. It is based in Ontario, California USA.

Website link to AIE Pharmaceutical http://www.aiepharma.com

Feel free to explore the products and red through product information. Click Buy Now button for the items you like and follow the step-by-step instructions for payment.

Frontrow membership entitles you to have a lifetime 50% discount for all Luxxe products and Celebrity Beauty soaps and 30% discount for the Korean Skincare products. This would benefit a user of the product as they can avail all the products on a very discounted price. As a member you then become an official distributor of Frontrow, and you can make a profitable business by selling the products at its suggested retail price (SRP) in which you will earn a 100% profit margin.

Other benefits of being s member:

Unlimited purchase and sales

Lifetime membership

Lifetime business

No monthly or annual registration fee

100% profit

Free Training

Free gift voucher

Team support

Spill over support

Just purchase any of the packages of Frontrow. You can message us on the contact details provided for more information about how to purchase a package.

There are 4 ways of Earning.

  1. Direct selling – 100% profit
  2. Direct sales commission – 1000 peso per referrals
  3. Sales Match commission – 2500 pesos forsales match commission
  4. Rewards – 5%-3%-3%-2%-2% rewards for every product purchase of you and your downlines

Follow the step by step payment instructions. You can pay by Paypal, Credit or Debit cards.


Shipping Cost for Standard First Class

Maximum weigh (Kg)

Within United Kingdom


1 Kg



2 Kg (Platinum Package)



1 Kg



2 Kg (Platinum Package)


(rest of the world)


1 Kg



2 Kg(Platinu)m Package